is a multi-disciplinary design firm, with a focus on full service architecture and interiors based in Denver, Colorado.

we focus on crafting timeless, modern solutions
that are project, client, and context specific.

we aren’t specialists in specific project types,
but rather specialists in a collaborative design process: listening, synthesizing, and exploring... identifying what is special about a project... questioning conventional assumptions...
...and in recognizing the unexpected opportunities
    hidden within constraints.

we are easily inspired,
but discerning enough to find the right inspiration.
we see things from multiple angles,
and seek out solutions that are
thoughtful, historic, and visionary.

we care about big ideas
as much as we care about the details of their execution,
and see design opportunities at any scale.

we bring years of hands-on construction experience
to bear on how to bring these ideas into reality
in ways that are practical, functional,
and refined.

we value relationships
as much as we value our projects,
and we find strength in collaboration:
with clients, consultants, contractors,
and each other.

BOSS.architecture is
chris davis
kevin stephenson
brian doherty
brent forget
dave rittinger
ana white
jessica hunter
grant warmerdam
sam eckerson
eric dernbach

3300 E 17th Ave, Denver, CO 80206   |   (303) 377-6322   |   ︎